Marius Sophus Lie 1842 - 1899

Teoria reprezentacji grup i algebr Liego
(Representation theory for Lie groups and algebras)

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Problems from the June exam.

Zadania do rozwiazania pisemnego będą bliźniaczo podobne do:
Preparatory problems for the exam
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Some problems
Lecture 1: Quaternions. Basic examples of Lie groups.
Lecture 2: Exp, Lie algebra
Lecture 3: Lie algebras II, reductive algebras, polar decomposition
Lecture 4 - Dictionary: Lie groups - Lie algebras, Killing form, semisimple algebras
Lecture 5 - Linear algebra theorems as special cases of theorems in Lie theory
Lecture 6 - Basics of representation theory
Lecture 7 - Representations of tori, SU(2) and SL_2(C)
Lecture 8 - Representations of SL_3(C) and SL_n(C)
Lecture 9 - Construction of representations of SL_n(C), highest weights, Verma modules
Lecture 10 - Young diagrams, characters, Schur functions, Weyl character formula
Lecture 11 - Pieri formula, generalities about roots
Lecture 12 - Dynkin diagrams. Representations of Sp(n)
Lecture 13 - Clifford algebras, spinors
Lecture 14 - Representations of Spin(n) and S0(n), triality
Lecture 15 - G_2
Stare zadania o grupach Lie (in Polish)
Notatki Adama Bzowskiego ABC grup Lie (in Polish)

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