Mikołaj Bojańczyk

Idempotent semigroup. Call a semigroup idempotent if every element is idempotent.

0. Show that if a semigroup is idempotent and \Jj-trivial, then it is commutative.

1. Prove that if a semigroup is idempotent, then every \Jj-class is closed under multiplication (i.e. it is a sub-semigroup)

2. Prove that for every n there are finitely many idempotent semigroups with n generators.


Strongly connected automata. Let L \subseteq \Sigma^* be a regular language with the following properties:

  • the minimal DFA is strongly connected (i.e. every state is reachable from every other state);
  • the minimal DFA of the reverse of L is strongly connected;
  • the syntactic monoid of L is aperiodic.

Prove that L is trivial, i.e. empty or full.



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