John M. Noble
Mathematical Statistics
Institute of Applied Mathematics
University of Warsaw

October 2021 - January 2022

Multivariate Statistics

Course Information

Language: English
Type of course: elective


The course ‘Multivariate Statistics’ is a Master's level course, which builds on the foundations laid in the course Statistics and draws heavily on the concepts from that course.

The topics covered are:

Introduction to R

You should learn some R programming throughout the course. A reasonable introduction may be found here.


Assessment is based on Tutorial participation will also be taken into account.
To pass the course, it is necessary to pass the written examination on multivariate statistical theory and also to submit satisfactory computer assignments.

Lecture Notes, Tutorial Exercises and Solutions, Examination

Click here for a pdf of the lecture notes, tutorial exercises and solution and the examinations (theoretical and practical).

Data Files

Click here for the data directory.

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