Homepage of the project
"Complex contact manifolds and geometry of secants" (CoCoMaGeS)

Polish title:
Zespolone rozmaitości kontaktowe i geometria siecznych

The project is realized within the Sonata Bis programme of National Science Centre, Poland.

Time span of the project:

August 1st, 2018 -- July 31st, 2023 (60 months)

Project number:


Main Location:

Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences (IMPAN), Warsaw, Poland.


Student scholarships:

The project has a possibility of funding several scholarships for students in the Master program and PhD program:

Postdoc positions:

Two postdoctoral positions will be funded jointly with the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Contact manifolds are the main topic of the first position (awarded to Aleksandra Borówka). The deadline for applications for the first position was April 30th, 2018. Details and an official announcement are available here. Later in 2020 another position related to secant varieties will be announced.

Grant acknowledgements

The project support, even partial, should be explicitly acknowledged in all the publications, including theses, produced by postdocs and PhD/MSc students during the project. The acknowledgement should contain the keywords "National Science Centre, Poland" and the project number above, see the LaTeX templates below: