Scholarship for MSc students
in Algebraic Geometry in Warsaw

The scholarships are offered within the Sonata Bis grant "Complex contact manifolds and geometry of secants (CoCoMaGeS)" supported by NCN (National Science Center, Poland).

Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw

announces an open call for up to 2 scholarships for MSc students.

Details and conditions:


The fellow must respect the NCN rules of funding, including those listed on page 7 of this document. In particular, no salary from NCN is allowed at the same time as his/her scholarship in the project (page 7, subsection 2.1.3, item (b)). Also this document is relevant to the recruitment process.

Each application should contain
Applications should be submitted before September 20, 2021 via e-mail to the principal investigator of the project Jarosław Buczyński,, with the subject line containing the project abbreviation "[CoCoMaGeS]". All other related inquiries should also be sent in the same way.

The applications will be analysed by the committee of Jarosław Buczyński (chair), Joachim Jelisiejew, and Magdalena Zielenkiewicz. The committee reserves the right to interview the best candidates prior to the decision. The invitations for the interview, if any, will arrive as soon as possible and the interviews will be conducted using zoom. The decisions should be sent before October 1st, 2021.

Additional information

See also this announcement for an analogous scholarship from the project of Joachim Jelisiejew about Generalizations and applications of Bialynicki-Birula decomposition. You may apply for both with the same paperwork at the same time by indicating it in your cover letter. However, if successful, you should choose one project, therefore in your application please indicate the prefered project.