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I am an associate professor (profesor nadzwyczajny) at Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences (IMPAN).
I also collaborate with Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics of University of Warsaw (MIMUW), though currently I do not have any formal position there.


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jabuh (hat) mimhuw (doth) hedu (doth) phl

My office 421 at IMPAN is located on the fourth floor at:
IMPAN, ul. Śniadeckich 8, Warsaw.
Office telephone number: (+48) 22 5228 151 or just 151 from inside the building

My office 5350 at MIMUW is located on the fourth floor at:
MIMUW, ul. Banacha 2, Warsaw.
Office telephone number: (+48) 22 55 44 535 or just 44535 from anywhere at the University

Postal address at IMPAN:

Jarosław Buczyński
Instytut Matematyczny PAN
ul. Śniadeckich 8
00-656 Warszawa

Postal address at MIMUW:

Jarosław Buczyński
Wydział Matematyki, Informatyki i Mechaniki, Uniwersytet Warszawski
ul. Banacha 2
02-097 Warszawa

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