Conferences, workshops, and schools of Jarosław Buczyński

Upcoming events:

    I will organise:

  1. VAT - Varieties: Arithmetic and Transformations, a thematic semester in Warsaw, Sep 1st - Dec 1st, 2018; coorganisers: Piotr Achinger, Nathan Ilten, Masha Vlasenko.
  2. VAT workshop - Varieties and group actions, Warsaw, Sep 23rd-29th, 2018; coorganisers: Nathan Ilten, Tomasz Mańdziuk, Jarosław Wiśniewski.
  3. Workshop and Conference: Modern and Classical Aspects on Algebraic Surfaces, Kraków, April 22nd-28th, 2018; coorganisers: Piotr Pokora, Tomasz Szemberg.

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My travel plans and attended meetings. This is a list of conferences, schools, workshops and scientific visits that I participated in and those that I plan to attend.

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