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Algebraic Groups Days, 12-13 Dec 2019, Warsaw, Poland

The Algebraic Groups Days is a two-day intensive workshop. We will have the following courses:
For additional information please send an email to (but avoid the obstruction). This workshop is a satellite event for the conference Selected Topics of Simons Semesters in Banach Center, 16-20 December 2020.
Organizers: Joachim Jelisiejew, Tomasz Mańdziuk.

Preliminary schedule and venue

The lectures will take place in room 321 of the Banach Center, in IM PAS, Sniadeckich 8, Warsaw. See directions.
10:15-11:45Michel Brion 1Stefan Schröer 2
11:45-12:45Lunch breakLunch break
12:45-14:15Stefan Schröer 1Michel Brion 3
14:15-14:45Coffee breakCoffee break
14:45-16:15Michel Brion 2Stefan Schröer 3
19:30-Dinner. Restaurant "Zapiecek", address: al. Jerozolimskie 28.
Reservation passphrase: "Math Institute".