Postdoc positions
in Algebraic Geometry

at Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw

The position is realised within the Sonata Bis grant "Complex contact manifolds and geometry of secants (CoCoMaGeS)" supported by NCN (National Science Center, Poland).

Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw announces an open call for

a 3-year long post-doctoral researcher position under the supervision of Jarosław Buczyński in collaboration with other team members listed on the project webpage.
Details and conditions:
A successful researcher will receive a gross salary of approximately 7000PLN per month (if all taxes and insurance fees are paid in Poland, then the net salary should be approximately 5300PLN). In addition, the researcher will be granted a limited access to research costs, such as travel to conferences etc. The postdoctoral fellow must respect the NCN rules of funding, including those listed at pages 3-4 of this document. In particular, no other salary or scholarship from NCN is allowed at the same time as his/her employement in the project (page 4, item (a)). Similarly, the fellow should not receive any salary from grants of other institutions. Former PhD students of the PI (Jarosław Buczyński) should not apply (page 4 item (b)). Customary extensions of the seven year period after PhD apply in case of parenthood breaks (footnote 5 on pages 3-4).

The position comes with no teaching duties. The successful candidate is also expected to participate in the activities of VAT programme (1 Sep - 1 Dec 2018).

Each application should contain a research plan and a CV with a list of publications. In addition, the applicant is required to arrange one or two recommendation letters to be sent directly by the recommendator.

Applications should be submitted before April 30, 2018 via e-mail to the principal investigator of the project Jarosław Buczyński,, with subject line containing the project abbreviation "[CoCoMaGeS]". All other related inquiries should also be sent in the same way.

The applications will be analysed by the committee of Jarosław Buczyński (chair), Maria Donten-Bury, Giovanni Moreno. The committee reserves the right to interview the best candidates prior to the decision. The decision should be sent around May 20, 2018.

See also an official announcement.