February 2nd, 2023 at MIMUW


The purpose of the seminar day is to share the newest results in the calculus of variations and the theory of partial differential equations of nonstandard growth and related functional analysis.


Everyone is cordially welcome in 4060 (MIMUW).



Piotr Bies (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland), Maximal operator in function spaces with nonstandard growth, [abstract], [presentation]


Sun-Sig Byun (Seoul National University, Korea), Local, nonlocal and mixed local-nonlocal elliptic problems, [abstract], [presentation]

coffee break


Younghun Youn (Yeungnam University, Korea), Fractional differentiability results for elliptic partial differential equations with coefficients, [abstract], [presentation]


Michał Borowski (University of Warsaw, Poland), Absence of Lavrentiev's phenomenon and Musielak-Orlicz-Sobolev spaces, [abstract], [presentation]

lunch break


Li Ying (Shanghai University, China), Existence of solutions in fully anisotropic and inhomogeneous Musielak-Orlicz space, [abstract], [presentation]

IC is a PI of (Polish) National Science Centre Grant Sonata Bis 2019/34/E/ST1/00120 ‘Measure data problems’ (2020-2025).
The objectives of the project include studies on existence and regularity properties of very weak solutions to problems with nonstandard growth.
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