Course at
Faculty of Mathematics, informatics and Mechnics
The University of Warsaw

Category Theory in Foundations of Computer Science

winter semester of 2018/2019
Fridays, 14.15 - 17.15 (with an option to extend this until 17.30, or even 17.45 after a break), r. 5050

Universal algebra and category theory are by now two classical areas of mathematics that offer abstract concepts, methods and results which have been widely adopted in foundations of computer science and by now form the standard language to deal with, among others, modelling, design, and systematic construction of complex software systems.

The course recalls basic concepts of universal algebra and introduces the language of category theory, limited to the most elementary and important notions and related results. We hint at least at the possible appliocations of the categorical language in various areas of computer science, for instance in type theory and in foundations of algebraic specifications.

Transparencies (subject to modification and expansion):


There will be a (written) exam, in the form of an assignement, most likely similar to those in the past years.

Here are a few samples from the past (sorry, no English versions available):

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