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Games & projects




My games and projects

  • Zeno Rogue Games. Many of these games are based on interesting mathematics, such as hyperbolic geometry (HyperRogue) or number theory (Hydra Slayer).

  • Templates. My templates for creating short programs. Mostly for programming contests, but they have other uses too. Includes a powerful library for creating images, both in bitmap and vector formats (graph2.h) as well as easy.cpp which is intended to make C++ easier to learn for beginner programmers.

  • LOIS (Looping Over Infinite Sets). A C++11 library which allows manipulation of definable sets.

  • Surface. software drawing beautiful surfaces, written during my master studies.

  • One-liner. My IOCCC submission. Guess what it does.

  • Rozliczenia do gier. An accounting script for games (maybe somebody will find it useful... Polish only for now, unfortunately).

  • Automat. An online script for drawing and testing finite automata (work in progress).

  • ExMix. Usage (in Polish). a program which creates a different test for each student who takes part in an exam.

  • Party calculator. A program which finds reasons to party.

  • Gentras. A program which beautifully renders tracks recorded by GPS recorders (example) — popular programs of this type (such as Endomondo) spam me with really ugly pictures, especially from the mountains, where they cannot be seen due to the lack of level lines etc. -- hard to share, contact me if interested

  • Blokowanie. Pen-and-paper game. You get points for blocking cells. (Polish only)

  • Krzyżówka. Pen-and-paper game. Like Scrabble, but much more interesting. (Polish only)

  • Hex on paper. A well-known game, adapted to pen-and-paper. (Polish only)

  • NIM RTS. Game parody. (Polish only)

  • Poker. Game parody. Possibly more interesting than the original. (Polish only)

  • Cold basements. An online optimization puzzle about stealing treasure from a guarded dungeon.

  • Rozliczenia do gier. An accounting script for games (maybe somebody will find it useful... Polish only for now, unfortunately).

Recommended games:

  • Dominion, a very well designed card game
  • Go
  • Dixit -- a very interesting game of a different kind
  • Ktulu, a party game by my friends
  • Dungeon Crawl SS, hard to describe shortly, but a very good strategy/tactical/RPG game
  • Deadly Rooms of Death, a very good puzzle game with a story (so not as abstract as usual puzzles)
  • Iji, a nice platformer with some original twists
  • Spelunky, a retro randomly generated platformer

Recommended software: