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Mathematical Analysis and Differential Equations


Various questions in the theory of partial differential equations, with emphasis on existence and regularity problems for nonlinear elliptic and subelliptic equations and systems. Connections to calculus of variations, weak convergence methods and related topics in the theory of function spaces. Complex analysis.

Employees and PhD students

  • dr hab. Paweł Goldstein

    Finite and infinite-dimensional gradient flows, singularities of analytic vector fields; elliptic and parabolic nonlinear partial differential equations and systems; calculus of variations on metric measure spaces

  • prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Kałamajska

    Sobolev spaces, calculus of variations

  • dr hab. Tomasz Kochanek, prof. UW

    Theory of Banach spaces, vector measures, operator algebras

  • dr hab. Sławomir Kolasiński

    Geometric measure theory, calculus of variations, PDEs

  • dr Katarzyna Mazowiecka

    Geometric analysis, PDEs

  • dr Michał Miśkiewicz

    Geometric analysis, PDEs

  • prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Pietruska-Pałuba

    Geometric analysis, analysis on fractals

  • dr Waldemar Pompe

    Calculus of variations

  • prof. dr hab. Paweł Strzelecki

    Geometric analysis, non-linear partial differential equations, calculus of variations

  • dr Marta Szumańska

    Geometric measure theory, convex geometry

  • dr hab. Anna Zatorska-Goldstein, prof. UW

    Calculus of variations; nonlinear elliptic-type equations and systems, p-harmonic mappings, subelliptic equations and systems, systems with non-standard growth conditions; calculus of variations on metric spaces with a doubling measure