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Computational Biology and Bioinformatics


The research focuses on various areas of computational biology: analysis of mass spectrometry data, molecular evolution and modeling, protein structure prediction, regulatory networks, biological sequence analysis.


Employees and PhD students

  • prof. dr hab. Przemysław Biecek

    Statistical methods and applications in biology and medicine, multiple hypothesis testing procedures, data engineering

  • dr Neo Christopher Chung

    Biostatistics, high-dimensional inference, unsupervised learning

  • dr hab. Norbert Dojer

    Gene regulation networks, Bayesian methods, analysis of biological sequences

  • prof. dr hab. Anna Gambin

    Comparative genomics, peptide mass spectrometry, gene regulation networks, systems biology, alignment analysis

  • dr hab. Paweł Górecki

    Comparative genomics, phylogenetics, molecular evolution

  • dr Aleksander Jankowski

    Chromatin architecture, cis-regulatory element analysis, machine learning

  • dr Magdalena Machnicka

    Analysis of high-throughput sequencing data, identification of regulatory variants associated with selected brain disorders

  • dr Wanda Niemyska

    Topological and geometrical structure of protein chains, applications of knot theory to biology

  • dr hab. Piotr Pokarowski, prof. UW

    Protein structure: prediction, simulation of folding and crystal growth processes

  • dr Michał Startek

  • dr hab. Ewa Szczurek, prof. UW

    Computational oncology, systems biology, machine learning, statistical data analysis

  • dr hab. Bartosz Wilczyński

    Regulatory network modelling, cis-regulatory element analysis