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Mathematical description of various biological sources and analysis of mathematical models (ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, delayed equations, differential-integral equations, Markov processes, differential equations) appearing in biomathematics. Mathematical description of cancer and its therapy.

Employees and PhD students

  • dr hab. Marek Bodnar, prof. UW

    Delay differential equations, large systems of interacting particles and applications of mathematics in biology and medicine, in particular mathematical models of tumour growth and models of immune system

  • prof. dr hab. Urszula Foryś

    Dynamical systems defined by ODE's' and PDE's describing between different population dynamics; modelling of immune reactions and tumour growth dynamics; influence of time delays or/and diffusion on systems stability; biffurcation theory

  • dr hab. Jan Karbowski

  • prof. dr hab. Mirosław Lachowicz

    Integro-differential equation in biology, nonlocal equations, links between microscopic and macroscopic scales of description: from stochastic semigroups to PDEs, topological chaos and applications in biology

  • prof. dr hab. Jacek Miękisz

    Evolutionary game theory, population dynamics, statistical mechanics of quasicrystals, stochastic models in biology

  • dr hab. Monika Piotrowska

    Differential equations with discrete and distributed time delay(s); Cellular automata approach; Mathematical modelling in biology, chemistry and medicine including investigation of: tumour growth, angiogenesis (blood vessels formation process), multicellular spheroids growth and necrotic core formation, cell cycle, tumour-immune system interactions, spreads of the infections, transmissions of multidrug-resistant bacteriae, investigation and optimization of (combined) anticancer therapies and infection control strategies; Mathematical description of the emotional states of communicating people and relationships

  • dr hab. Agnieszka Wiszniewska-Matyszkiel, prof. UW

    Games with a continuum number of players in ecosystems and simplified economies, existence and properties of Nash equilibria in such games, mathematical economy

  • prof. dr hab. Dariusz Wrzosek

    Nonlinear partial differential equations; long time behaviour of solutions to evolutionary partial differential equationsl mathematical modelling in biology: prey-predator interactions in aquatic ecosystems; interactions between biological cells with external molecular agents: chemotaxis, receptor mediated morphogen transport in a tissue