Dr. hab. Urszula Forys, prof. UW

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I work at the Department of Biomathematics and Game Theory. I'm a member of biomathematics team.

Main Interests

Latest publications

  1. A delay-differential equation model of HIV related cancer-immune system dynamics, Math. Biosci. Engineering, 8 (2) 2011, 627-641 (with J. Poleszczuk).
  2. Analysis of biochemical reactions models with delays, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 376 2011, 74-83 (with M. Bodnar and J. Poleszczuk).
  3. Analysis of the Hopf bifurcation for the family of angiogenesis models, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 382 2011, 180-203 (with M. Piotrowska).
  4. Negativity of delayed induced oscillations in a simple linear DDE, Appl. Math. Letters, 24 2011, 982-986 (with M. Bodnar and J. Poleszczuk).
  5. Stochastic Models of Gene Expression with Delayed Degradation, Bull. Math. Biol., 73 2011, 2231-2247 (with J. Miekisz, J. Poleszczuk and M. Bodnar).

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