Shorthands denote
u_a algebraic unknotting number
Nak Nakanishi index
det determinant
sign signature
max LT maximum absolute value of
Levine-Tristram signatures
Hidden features
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algebraic unknotting number how it has been detected
Alexander polynomial a Seifert matrix
(nondegenerate representative in the S-equivalence class)
Nakanishi index generator of the Alexander module,
if Nakanishi index is 1
Determinant H_1 of the double branched cover

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List of problematic knots
The following knots have algebraic unknotting number 1 or 2.
12a_0050 12a_0141 12a_0364 12a_0649 12a_0728 12a_0791 12a_0901
12a_1049 12a_1054 12a_1064 12a_1138 12a_1141 12a_1234 12a_1236
12a_1264 12n_0200 12n_0260 12n_0657 12n_0864

Presentation matrice for the Alexander modules of the 5 knots with unknown Nakanishi index
Knot Presentation matrix
12a_1054 2t^3 -1+4t-7t^2+4t^3-t^4
1-5t+t^2-5t^3+t^4 3t
12a_1141 1+2t 2-2t+t^2
4t-9t^2+6t^3-8t^4+6t^5-t^6 1-2t
12a_1264 2-5t 1-5t+4t^2-t^3
6-14t-6t^2-7t^3-2t^5 2-13t+3t^2
12n_0260 1-4t^2 4-4t-5t^3+t^4-t^5
-t+3t^2-t^3 -1+3t^2
12n_0657 11 59-27t+11t^2-3t^3
2+t 11

Blanchfield pairings for the 14 knots with Nakanishi index 1
Knot Alexander polynomial Blanchfield pairing of the generator
12a_0050 -8z_3+20z_2-30z_1+3 -z_3+7z_2-13z_1+17
12a_0141 -z_4+7z_3-20z_2+33z_1-39 z_2+4z_1-8
12a_0364 z_4-8z_3+29z_2-63z_1+81 -2z_2+10z_1-15
12a_0649 -z_4+7z_3-17z_2+25z_1-27 z_2-z_1+1
12a_0728 2z_4-8z_3+17z_2-25z_1+29 4z_2-9z_1+14
12a_0791 3z_3-9z_2+13z_1-13 z_2-z_1+1
12a_0901 -z_4+9z_3-27z_2+47z_1-55 -2z_3+7z_2-13z_1+15
12a_1064 -2z_4+9z_3-21z_2+33z_1-37 z_2-z_1+2
12a_1138 3z_3-11z_2+17z_1-17 3z_2-11z_1+17
12a_1234 -2z_4+7z_3-15z_2+25z_1-29 -2z_2+5z_1-6
12a_1236 -2z_4+9z_3-21z_2+33z_1-37 -z_2+z_1-2
12n_0200 2z_2-2z_1+1 2z_1-4
12n_0864 z_4-5z_3+15z_2-28z_1+33 -z_2+2z_1-5