History of September Algebraic Geometry Schools

Year Place Main subject Main speakers Comments
2014 Lukecin Topics in characteristic p>0 and p-adic geometry Bhatt, Esnault supported by WCMCS
2013 Lukecin Power sum decompositions and apolarity, a geometric approach Bernardi, Ottaviani, Ranestad supported by WCMCS
2012 Lukecin Subgroups of Cremona groups Blanc, Prokhorov a picture
2011 Lukecin Geometric Invariant Theory, old and new Brion, Ressayre a picture
2010 Bedlewo IMPANGA Summer School Farkas, Kebekus, Mukai, Mustata 10 years of IMPANGA seminar
2009 Lukecin Algebraic Torus Actions Altmann, Hausen a picture
2008 Lukecin Fano manifolds and Lagrangian fibration of symplectic manifolds Oguiso, Wisniewski a picture
2007 Warwick Explicit construction of moduli and parameter spaces Craw, Maclagan organized by Miles Reid
2006 Bedlewo Algebraic Geometry: Warsaw 1960 - 2005 conference in honor of Andrzej Bialynicki-Birula a picture
2005 Lukecin Equivariant intersection theory Kresch, Vistoli a picture
2004 Lukecin Algebraic geometry and derived categories Caldararu, Reid a picture
2003 Lukecin C+ and finite groups actions on affine spaces. Locally nilpotent derivations. Daigle, Freudenburg a picture
2002 Lukecin Vector bundles over curves and higher dimensional varieties, and their moduli Newstead, Langer a picture
2001 Wykno Moduli of vector bundles and group action Ottaviani, Valles a picture
2000 Wykno Group actions and quotients Bialynicki, Drezet, Koras, Swiecicka, Walter
1999 Wykno Morphisms in Minimal Model Theory and base point freeness Andreatta, Mella a picture
1998 Wolka Milanowska workshop Cynk, Jelonek, Koras, Szemberg Cracow-Warsaw school
1997 Waplewo Representations of finitely generated algebras Simson, Skowronski, Zwara Torun-Warsaw school
1996 Kazimierz Conference: Algebraic Group Actions two weeks in May/June, supported by Banach Center
1995 Wykno workshop all participants Krzysztof Jaczewski died
1994 Wykno workshop all participants
1993 Wykno Toric varieties Bialynicki-Birula, Jurkiewicz, Wlodarczyk, Wisniewski
1992 Wykno Mori Theory Wisniewski
1991 Glodowka Surfaces and higher dimensional geometry Brinzanescu, Campana, Russell in a mountain shelter
1990 Rajgrod Topology in algebraic geometry Barthel, Szurek, Wisniewski raining all the week
1989 Jaroslawiec Vector bundles Bialynicki-Birula, Jaczewski, Pragacz, Szurek, Trautman at the seaside
1988 Suprasl Stability and spherical spaces Bialynicki-Birula, Daszkiewicz, Danielewski, Swiecicka
1987 Krasnobrod Invariant theory, II Bialynicki-Birula
1986 Krasnobrod Intersection homology Barthel, Fieseler, Kaup beginning of collaboration program Warsaw-Konstanz
1985 Suprasl Invariant theory, I all particpants Torun-Warsaw school
1984 Wigry Complex analytic geometry Snow, Sommese, Russell sailing
1983 Zbyszyce Homogeneous spaces Carrell, Gilligan, Huckelberry, Russell a picture
1982 Nowy Sacz Group action Carrell, Huckelbery, Oeljeklaus, Sommese martial law in Poland
1981 Jodlowy Dwor Toroidal embedddings Bialynicki-Birula, Jaczewski, Jurkiewicz, Swiecicka first foreign guests: Roczen and Theel
1980 Mszana Dolna Deformation theory all participants
1979 Lagow Lubuski K-theory and Weil conjecture Browkin
1978 Bialowieza Vector bundles all participants
1977 Turbacz Kaehler manifolds all participants in a mountain shelter
1973 Roztoka Cohen-Macaulay rings Brynski, Szurek in a mountain shelter

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