Some papers of Marek Zawadowski:

(See the list of publications with references here.)

Scope ambiguities, monads and strengths (with J. Grudzińska) (May 2016)

Polynomial and Analytic Functors and Monads, revisited (with S. Szawiel) (December 2015)

Generalized Quantifiers on Dependent Types: A System for Anaphora (with J. Grudzińska) (January 2014)

Weights for Objects of Monoids (with £. Sienkiewicz) (June 2013)

co-Semi-analytic functors (May 2013)

Generalized Plonka Sums and Products (October 2012)

Monads of Regular Theories (August 2012)

Rigidity is Undecidable (with M. Bojańczyk and S.Szawiel) (April 2012)

Theories of Analytic Monads (with S. Szawiel) (April 2012)

The Partial Simplicial Category and Algebras for Monads (December 2010)

The Formal Theory of Monoidal Monads (November 2010)(corrections September, 2011)

The Web Monoid and Opetopic Sets, (October 2010)

Lax Monoidal Fibrations, (December 2009) (corrections: April, 2011)

Computads and Multiopic Sets (with V.Harnik and M. Makkai) (November 2008)

The category of 3-computads is not cartesian closed, (with M.Makkai), JPAA, (February, 2008)

Multitopes are the same as principal ordered face structures, (June, 2007) (corrections: July, 2008)

On ordered face structures and many-to-one computads, (July, 2007)   (corrections: June, 2008)

On positive face structures and positive-to-one computads, (July, 2007)  (corrections: January, 2008)

Duality for simple omega-categories and disks, TAC, (2002).

Multitopic sets are the same as many-to-one computads (with M.Makkai and V.Harnik), preprint (2002)

3-computads do not form a presheaf category, (with M.Makkai), preprint, (2001)

and a book , with Silvio Ghilardi:

Sheaves, games, and model completions: a categorial approach to nonclassical propositional logics