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Autobóz 2016
(Auto camp 2016)

Autobóz is a work camp on automata, logic and games theory. It will take place in Gorce Mountains in Poland, from 13th to 21th August 2016.

Our ,,Hotel''

We plan to stay in Hotel "Pod Jaworzyną". The expected cost will be around 200 EUR, almost All-inclusive ;).

Room Hotel Garden

How to get there?

World → Kraków Balice (Krakow Balice) Airport
Kraków (Krakow) Airport → Kraków Główny (Krakow main) railway station (by train)
Kraków Główny (Krakow main) railway station → (Krakow bus station) Kraków Dworzec Autobusowy (walk 5 min)
(Krakow bus station) Kraków Dworzec Autobusowy → Koninki near Poręba Wielka (by bus)

List of people and their preferences

Data update takes around 5 min.
Name and Surname Email Scope of interestOther remarks, questions
Michał Pilipczukmichal.pilipczuk@gmail.comanything that has no diagrams
Patrick Totzkeptotzke@warwick.ac.ukautomata, VASS
Wojtek Czerwińskiwczerwin@mimuw.edu.plautomata, logic, infinite state systems, separability problems
Eryk Kopczyńskierykk@mimuw.edu.plfinite model theory, atoms, separability, games
Lorenzo Clementeclementelorenzo+autobus@gmail.comautomata, atoms, separation problems
Tomek Gogaczgogo496@gmail.comlogic, database theory
Dominik Wojtczakd.wojtczak@liv.ac.ukprobabilistic systems, automata, game theory
Michał Skrzypczakmskrzypczak@mimuw.edu.plinfinite words and trees, automata, topologyI estimate the chances of attending this Autobóz meeting at 90%
Joost Winterjwinter@mimuw.edu.plgeneral abstract nonsense, hiking, go
Jędrzej Kołodziejskijedrzejkolodziejski@gmail.comhypercomputation, automata on various input types, connections between automata and logic
Mahsa Shirmohammadimahsa.shirmohammadi@gmail.comautomata, game and hardness proofs ;)
James Worrelljbw_at_cs.ox.ac.uk
Dorota Celińskadcelinska@wne.uw.edu.plGraph theory and applications