Everything is theoretically impossible until it's done

Robert A. Heinlein

About me

I lecture at the Institute of Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, & Mechanics, University of Warsaw. From June 2012 to May 2017,  I was also a part-time Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, UK. My research interest focus on the interface of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems, in particular), Game Theory, and Economics, an area often called Algorithmic Game Theory. Recently, I have been especially interested in game theoretic approaches to network analysis, data analysis, machine learning and big data applications, including fintech (if you are a student at MIMUW please see my new course on Fintech starting in Fall 2017). 

My research interests include:

1. Social network analysis. :

  • game-theoretic centrality - a novel approach of measuring importance of nodes in networks
  • games on networks, the Myerson graph-restricted games and the Myerson value
  • network formation, community detection, social capital, etc.

2. Coalition formation, multi-agent systems & artificial intelligence:

  • payoff division, especially the Shapley Value, the Banzhaf index, and their various extensions and generalizations
  • coalition structure generation - see our recent review in the AIJ
  • coalition games with externalities
  • compact representations of coalitional games
  • agent-based modelling
  • applications of game theory in artificial intelligence

3. Auctions and markets

  • spitefulness and altruism in auctions
  • combinatorial auctions
  • market-based control techniques applied to machine learning

4. Applications of machine learning and big data