Research interest:

Until 2000 I was working on the semantics of programming languages, program verification, types for programming, type inferrence, dynamic logic and intuitionistic type theory.

Since 2000 I am interested in bioinformatics and computational biology. In particular, currently I work on cis-regulatory module prediction in promoters of eucaryotic genes, analysis of promoter regions, comparative genomics. I also work on the analysis of protein-protein interaction networks, with emphasis on data integration, and prediction of interactions from comparative studies. I am also interested in evolution of bacteriophages.

In the past I was working on protein structure prediction, on inference of gene regulatory networks, on reconciliation of gene trees with a species tree, and on inferring phylogeny from the information of the whole genome.

You are welcome to visit the web page of my Lab of Computational Biology where you can find more information on the current reasearch and on publications.

Former PhD students (theoretical computer science):

  • Pawel Urzyczyn (1983)
  • Damian Niwinski (1987)
  • Tom Rigles (1989)
  • Jerzy Tyszkiewicz (1993)
  • Igor Walukiewicz (1994)
  • Marcin Benke (1998)
  • Daria Walukiewicz-Chrzaszcz (2003) (joint supervision with Prof. Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, Universite Paris XI (Orsay))
  • Former PhD students (computational biology):

  • Pawel Gorecki (2006)
  • Michal Drabikowski (2006)
  • Szymon Nowakowski (2006)
  • Damian Wojtowicz (2007)
  • Bartek Wilczynski (2008)
  • Janusz Dutkowski (2009)
  • Ewa Szczurek (2011) (joint supervision with Prof. Martin Vingron, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin)
  • Current PhD students (computational biology):

  • Michal Wozniak (joint supervision with Prof. Limsoon Wong, National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  • Aleksander Jankowski (joint supervision with Dr. Shyam Prabhakar, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore)
  • Magdalena Kroten (joint supervision with Prof. Andrzej Jerzmanowski, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw)
  • Jacek Patryn (joint supervision with Prof. Andrzej Jerzmanowski, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw)