Uniwersytet Warszawski University of Warsaw

About the faculty

The Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics (MIM), with 192 faculty members and researchers, is engaged in a wide spectrum of research areas, ranging from basic research in pure mathematics and theoretical computer science, to applied research in applied mathematics and applied areas of informatics. The Faculty consists of three Institutes: Mathematics (90 faculty members), Informatics (72 faculty members), and Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (with 30 faculty members).

Traditionally the Faculty has its strengths in selected areas of Mathematics and Informatics. In addition it expands the scope of research by focusing on some truly multidiciplinary areas such as Financial Mathematics or Computational Biology. An independent Section of Economic, Financial and Insurance Mathematics consists of faculty members from both Institutes: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.

Almost 100 PhD students are involved in various research areas under supervision of the faculty members and researchers of MIM. 

As a sign of recognition of research strength of MIM, it was invited to join in 2007 the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) as a full member.

There are close to 1500 undergraduate students at the Faculty, following a wide variety of courses (some 250 each year) that are offered at the undergraduate (i.e., first cycle, 3 years), advanced undergraduate (i.e., second cycle, 2 years) and graduate (PhD) level, and cover numerous topics in computer science - both theoretically and practically oriented - and in pure, applied and financial mathematics. Besides that, the Faculty offers basic courses in mathematics and informatics for around 2000 undergraduates studying at the Faculties of Economy, Management, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, Geology and Pedagogical Sciences.

Quality of education matters a lot for us. We are proud of our best students and their international achievments in the TopCoder tournament, ACM International Collegiate Programming Contests, Imagine Cup finals, International Mathematics Competitions for University Students (IMC) etc. Each year, more than 20% of first year undergraduates at the Faculty are former finalists and laureates of Polish olympiads in mathematics or informatics. Others can follow their studies in the company of the best and brightest; this is a stimulating and rewarding experience.

Our courses and diploma programs are designed to satisfy the needs and interests of students who have different aims, plans and aspirations but common passion for mathematics or computer science.