Wojciech Rytter

Professor at 

Institute of Informatics, Department of Math/Inf. Warsaw University, Warsaw ,     Poland

e-mail:    rytter@mimuw.edu.pl

Department of Mathematics, Warsaw University
ul. Banacha 2, 02-097 Warszawa, Poland

    Very short CV

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                Available here

    The much older book
    Text algorithms,
      available for free here


          Research interests:
          analysis and construction of efficient sequential and parallel algorithms, automata theory, complexity
         of recognition and parsing of context-free languages, pattern matching, algorithmics of WWW,
         parallel combinatorial computing, graph-theoretic algorithms, algorithmics of highly compressible objects


  1.   125   Problems   in   Text Algorithms Cambridge University Press, 2021 (coauthors: M.Crochemore, T. Lecroq)
  2. Jewels   of   Stringology World Scientific, 2002 (coauthor: M.Crochemore)
  3. Fast parallel algorithms for matching problems in graphs Oxford University Press 1998 (coauthor: Marek Karpinski )
    see contents

  4. Text algorithms Oxford University Press 1994   (coauthor: M. Crochemore)

  5. see contents and incomplete list of errors  

  6. Efficient Parallel Algorithms Cambridge University Press 1988, (co-author: A.Gibbons). 

  7. Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures , Addison Wesley, 1991, (co-authors: L.Banachowski A.Kreczmar). 

  8. Algorytmy i struktury danych Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN 2018 (in Polish) (coauthors: L. Banachowski, K. Diks)

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