Very short CV of W. Rytter

Professional career:

Msc. 1971 (Warsaw),

 Ph.D. in 1975 (Warsaw),

 habilitation in 1985 (Warsaw University) and

 scientific degree of a professor in 1997 (Warsaw University).

Actual position: Warsaw University, full professor

Long term visits:

University of Warwick , Great Britain 1996-97 (18 months),

 University of Mexico in Mexico City , 1978-79 (18 months),

University of California at Riverside, USA 1992-93 (12 months),

Universite Paris VII and Paris Nord  (together 6 months)

Bonn University , Germany 1994-95 (12 months).

Liverpool University, Computer Science Dept. 1997-2002

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Computer Science Dept. 2002-2004

Editor of Parallel Processing Letters.

Coauthor/author of more than 100 publications,

coauthor of five books.