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Autobóz 2015
(Auto camp 2015)

Autobóz is a work camp on automata, logic and games theory. It will take place in Gorce Mountains in Poland, from 25th July to 2nd August 2015.

Our ,,Hotel''

We plan to stay in Hotel "Pod Jaworzyną". The Hotel website is available in many languages, choice on the left.
The expected cost will be around 195 EUR (we made a mistake and 120 euro is not enough), almost All-inclusive ;).

Room Hotel Arbor

How to get there?

World → Kraków Balice (Krakow Balice) Airport
Kraków (Krakow) Airport → Kraków Główny (Krakow main) railway station (by train)
Kraków Główny (Krakow main) railway station → (Krakow bus station) Kraków Dworzec Autobusowy (walk 5 min)
(Krakow bus station) Kraków Dworzec Autobusowy → Koninki near Poręba Wielka (by bus)

List of people and their preferences

Data update takes around 5 min.
Name and Surname Email Scope of interestOther remarks, questions
Wojtek Czerwiń"automata theory, logic, separability, reachability and bisimilarity checking"
Piotrek"Automata theory, Petri nets, XML, equivalences"
Amaldev"automata theory and logic on words, data words, trees"
Matthias"automata, xml, logic"
Eryk Kopczyń"finite model theory, sets with atoms, spectra""probability of my attendance is an open problem, which will be solved at the Autobóz"
Lorenzo"stochastic games, pushdown automata, communicating automata"
Paweł"automata theory (pushdown automata, automata with counters), etc."Family 2+3
Joanna"sets with atoms, automata, database theory"
Dmitry"automata theory, decision problems"
Tomasz"Logic, Database theory"
Szymon Toruńczykszymtor@gmail.comWomen
Charles"Logic circuits complexity and finite model theory. Also, cheese and wine. "
Bartek but automata
Michał Pilipczukmichal.pilipczuk@gmail.comparametrized complexity
Christoph"automata theory, arithmetic theories, logic"
Joost"weighted automata, monads, bialgebra"