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Autobóz 2014
(Auto camp 2014)

Autobóz is a work camp on automata, logic and games theory. It will take place in Gorce Mountains in Poland, from 19th to 27th July 2014.

Our ,,Hotel''

We booked places in Hotel "Pod Jaworzyną". Website is available in many languages, choice on the left.
Expected cost will be around 120 euro, almost All-inclusive ;).

Room Hotel Arbor

How to get there?

World → Krakow (Balice) Airport
Krakow Airport → Kraków Główny railway station (by train)
Kraków Główny railway station → Kraków Dworzec Autobusowy (walk 5 min)
Kraków Dworzec Autobusowy → Koninki near Poręba Wielka (by bus)

There are direct flights from Vienna (LICS) to Krakow.

List of participants