Mikołaj Bojańczyk

Mojżesz Presburger in Warsaw

June 20, 2015

presentation on documents about Mojżesz Presburger from the archives of Warsaw University

The documents in high resolution:

Birth certificate (Presburger was born in 1904, but this document is from August 1923)

Matura (May 1923)  (Very big)

Application to study at Warsaw University (September 1923)

Hand-written CV (September 1923)

Student ID card

Courses for the winter semester in 1924

Courses for the autumn/winter trimester in 1927/28

Graduation diploma (October 1930) (1/2)

Graduation diploma (October 1930) (2/2)

Court document concerning 70 złoty unpaid tuition (January 1939)



Michael Presburger

July 7, 2016

My paternal Grandfather was Mojzesz Presburger's first cousin. My grand father escaped the Holocaust by going to Paris in the 1920's and later to the South of France during World War II. My father, Roger Presburger was left behind in the town of Margency on the outskirts of Paris with a foster family and at age 10 in 1947 immigrated to Los Angeles,

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