Mikołaj Bojańczyk

The exam is an oral exam. Questions will be like: “please prove theorem x”.  There are 7 topics:
A) chapter 1 of the notes
B) chapter 2 of the notes
C) reachability for VASS (not in the notes, but here)
D) chapters 3, 4 of the notes
E) chapters 5, 6 of the notes
F) chapter 7 of the notes
G) chapters 8, 9 of the notes

The threshold for grades 3, 4, 5 are:
3) two parts
4) four parts
5) six parts

Additional points can be scored by finding errors in the notes and putting them in the file you got by email. Approximately 10 virgin (i.e. not found by other people) errors are worth 0.5 added to the grade (but not more, i.e. 20 errors have the same grade value as 10). Approximately means that errors can have different scales, i.e. a simple linguistic typo (forgotten “a”) counts for 0.5 error, an inverted < counts for 1, a reasoning error counts for more.