Ewa Szczurek

Research Interests

I like to work on new algorithms and statistical methods for better understanding of molecular data. I focus on computational cancer biology and on signaling pathways.

Current projects

  • Drawing the genealogical trees of tumors. Which cancer mutations come first? How much genetic diversity can we expect from tumor evolution? Is tumor evloution neutral, or is it driven by selection? These and many more questions about the family history of tumor cells I find very exciting!
  • Working out the bottleneck of metastasis initiation.
    Cancer makes astronomic numbers of trials to set up metastatic colonies. Only a few succeed. We figure out why.
  • Who talks with whom in cellular networks?
    I study cellular signaling pathways by kicking their members out and observing what happens.
  • Fighting cancer with its own weapons.
    I am analyzing the phenomenon of synthetic lethality between cancer genes. We can use synthetic lethality for cancer treatment. Once one gene is mutated, we can target its synthetic lethal target in order to kill cancer cells. Learn more on our project website.

Open positions

We invite applications for PhD positions within the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics.

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