WQO Dichotomy Conjecture for 3-graphs


Recorded slideshow from the Highlights of Logics, Games and Automata 2018 conference.


We investigate data-enriched models, like Petri nets with data, where executability of a transition is conditioned by a relation between data values involved. Decidability status of various decision problems in such models may depend on the structure of data domain. According to the WQO Dichotomy Conjecture, if a data domain is homogeneous then it either exhibits a well quasi-order (in which case decidability follows by standard arguments), or essentially all the decision problems are undecidable for Petri nets over that data domain. We confirm the conjecture for data domains being 3-graphs (graphs with 2-colored edges). On the technical level, this results is a significant step beyond known classification results for homogeneous structures.