Damian Niwinski

Information Theory / Teoria informacji 2017

Lecture: Wednesday 8:30-10, room 3180.
Tutorials: Tuesday 14:15-16 (new!), room 3043, Tomasz Gogacz,
Tuesday 16:15-18, room 3150, Tomasz Gogacz,
Wednesday 10:15-12, room 3220, Szymon Torunczyk.

Zasady zaliczania.

Lecture notes (co-author Wojciech Jaworski) (updated October 2017).

Materialy-wazniak (in Polish).

What did you learn in school today? (brief summary of lectures).

Zagadki na rozgrzewke (in Polish).

Mid-term exams from previous years (in Polish).

Exams from previous years (in Polish).


Niemozliwy skrot (Delta, in Polish)
In search of the shortest description slides.

Previous editions.