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Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of University of Warsaw.

In the academic year 2022/23 I am on sabbatical at BARC, Copenhagen.
During Fall 2015 I was a research fellow at Simons Institute for Theory of Computing for the Fine-grained complexity and algorithm design program.
In the academic year 2014/15 I was a post-doc at University of Warwick.
In the academic year 2013/14 I was a post-doc at University of Bergen.

I co-authored a textbook "Parameterized Algorithms" (Springer 2015).
Go to a webpage of the book where you can download a free personal PDF copy.

My research interests lies mostly in algorithmics, especially fixed parameter tractability and exact computations of NP-hard problems, as well as structural graph theory. Sometimes I study approximation algorithms.
I am the PI of a National Science Centre SONATA BIS grant Structural and algorithmic properties of hereditary graph classes that starts in July 2023.
I was the PI of two other grants:
Member of the Editorial Board of SIAM Journal on Computing and ACM Transactions on Algorithms. Former member of the Editorial Board of Information Processing Letters.
PC co-chair (with Yixin Cao) of IPEC 2020.
PC member of WG 2014, IPEC 2014, SODA 2015, ESA 2015, AAIM 2016, ICALP 2017, SODA 2018, ISAAC 2018, WADS 2019, ICALP 2019, STACS 2020, ESA 2020, SEA 2021, SEA 2022, SODA 2022, ICALP 2023, SODA 2024, STOC 2024.

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Contact me at malcin at mimuw edu pl.