dr hab. Jakub Radoszewski
Associate Professor
Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw
room 4200


Publications (in DBLP)

PC member of ESA 2023 A, CPM 2023, CPM 2022, IWOCA 2022, SPIRE 2021, SPIRE 2020, CPM 2020, CPM 2019, SPIRE 2017, WALCOM 2016, SPIRE 2015. I co-chaired the PC of CPM 2017.

I co-organised the StringMasters workshop in Warsaw in 2015 and 2017

Past Project:

Programming Competitions

My PGP key

I serve as the vice chair and the chair of the jury in the Main Committee of Polish Olympiad in Informatics.


Materiały z ASD

Materiały z Wstępu do Programowania*

Jakub Radoszewski