23rd Autumn School in Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic group actions and quotients

Wykno (Poland), September 3 - 10, 2000


  1. Luna slice theorem and related results, by Jean-Marc Drezet (Institut de mathematiques, CNRS). Notes: article Luna's slice theorem and applications available as a postscript file.
  2. Geometric quotients, by Andrzej Bialynicki-Birula and Joanna Swiecicka (Warsaw University). Notes: article Good quotients of reductive group actions - combinatorics in projective spaces by Joanna Swiecicka available as a postscript file.
  3. Quotients by grupoids and stacks, by Charles Walter (Universite de Nice).
  4. Linearisation problems, by Mariusz Koras (Warsaw University). Notes: article by Mariusz Koras and Peter Russell available as a postscript file.
  5. Embeddings into toric varieties and categorical quotients, by Annette A'Campo-Neunen and Juergen Hausen (Konstanz University). Notes: article Toric invariant theory available as a postscript file.

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