26th Autumn School in Algebraic Geometry

C+ and finite groups actions on affine spaces. Locally nilpotent derivations.

Lukecin, Poland, September 14h - September 21th, 2003

Teachers: Daniel Daigle (Ottawa), Gene Freudenburg (Evansville)

Theory of G_a-actions on affine varieties, locally nilpotent derivations, with special attention to the case of the affine space A^n for small values of n (n=3,4 are particularly intriguing). Connections of this subject with other questions, such as Hilbert's Fourteenth Problem, polynomial automorphisms or the classification of surfaces.


  • Locally nilpotent derivations, by Daniel Daigle
  • Notes to lectures of Gene Freudenburg

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    Some of the above articles are available at Daniel Daigle's web page

    Organizers: Mariusz Koras and Jaroslaw Buczynski.

    A joint picture of all participants

    The school was financially supported by Institute of Mathematics of Warsaw University, by Polish State Committee for Scientific Research and by EAGER (European Algebraic Geometry Research Training Network).

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