"Computational complexity, generalised Waring type problems and tensor decompositions"
"Złożoność obliczeniowa, uogólnione problemy typu Waringa oraz rozkładanie tensorów"

the project within "Canaletto", the executive program for scientific and technological cooperation between Italy and Poland, 2013-2015

Time span of the project:

2013 - 2015



Informations for participants

The official document accepting the project is available here.

Links to application forms on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage: for Italians and for Polish.

The Polish researcher coming to Italy will have to get the money from the Banca d'Italia, i.e. the Italian National Bank. This means that the Polish researcher will get real money upon his/her arrival. Of course, the procedure has to be organized well ahead of time.

Applications for each visit of Polish researcher supported from the project may be submitted from January 15th until October 31st . The application must be submitted at least two months before the scheduled research visit. Research visits can take place only after March 15th and must end by December 31st.

Contact in Polish Ministry about the project is +48 22 52 92 223 (Magdalena Bem-Andrzejewska)

Schedule of visits

Visits partially supported from the project by Italian Government:
  1. In 2013 Enrico Carlini will visit Poland
  2. In 2013 Agnieszka Bodzenta will visit Italy
  3. In 2014 Gianfranco Casnati will visit Poland
  4. In 2014 Weronika Buczyńska will visit Italy
  5. In 2015 Maria Virginia Catalisano will visit Poland
  6. In 2015 Jarosław Buczyński will visit Italy
Other visits will be supported from other sources.