Krzysztof Chelminski

I was born in 1958 in Augustow, a small town in Poland. (This is a very nice place!) I was studying mathematics at the University of Warsaw. At the same University I received my Ph. D. Today I live in Darmstadt, Germany and work at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

My research interests are: Partial Differential Equations and Functional Analysis. Together with Prof. Dr. H.-D. Alber and the AG6 we study nonlinear nonelastic models of metals. More information on the whole project can be found in the description of project A1 of SFB 298. Moreover you may take a look at my last papers.

Together with my friend Waldek Pompe we have made a WWW-page on Polish Mathematical Olympiads. You can find there a lot of interesting maths problems.

My e-mail address in Germany :
and my e-mail address in Poland :