Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics

The registration procedure for Erasmus students at the MIM Faculty is the following:

  • You should send by an email the list of courses you want to attend to the Erasmus coordinator - at least two weeks before the start of the semester (please be aware of the fact that coordinators of the courses should know in advance they have an Erasmus student in their class.
  • The Erasmus coordinator registers you for the courses. Registration must be done before the academic year starts
  • Please provide your USOS number (starting with K-...) and the course number (starting with 1000-...)
After the academic year starts you can make changes and unregister from a course but not after the first month.

Important note: So If you do not unregister, you might get problems obtaining the Transcript of Records

If you want to register for a new course after the beginning of the academic year, it is possible if the coordinator agrees. Usually, they do, but it is really better to approach them earlier, and ask some questions about the course.