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16. Setting Widget Attributes

This describes the functions and procedures used to operate on widgets. These can be used to set style, padding, size, etc.

(Maybe I should make a whole section on accelerators.)

procedure gtk_widget_activate (widget : PGtkWidget);

procedure gtk_widget_set_name (widget : PGtkWidget; name : pgchar);

function gtk_widget_get_name (widget : PGtkWidget) : pgchar;

procedure gtk_widget_set_sensitive (widget : PGtkWidget; sensitive : gint);

procedure gtk_widget_set_style (widget : PGtkWidget; style : PGtkStyle);

function gtk_widget_get_style (widget : PGtkWidget) : PGtkStyle;

function gtk_widget_get_default_style () : PGtkStyle;

procedure gtk_widget_set_size_request (widget : PGtkWidget;
                                       width : gint;
                                       height : gint);

procedure gtk_widget_grab_focus (widget : PGtkWidget);

procedure gtk_widget_show (widget : PGtkWidget);

procedure gtk_widget_hide (widget : PGtkWidget);

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