PostgreSQL MzScheme Interface Programmer's Guide

Zbigniew Jurkiewicz, University of Warsaw

This document describes PostgreSQL Interface for MzScheme (up to version 209). The interface covers most useful functions at the CLI level (i.e. libpq) and is work in progress. It is distributed under GNU Public Licence.

Table of Contents
1. libpq -- C Library
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Database Connection Functions
1.3. Command Execution Functions
1.4. Asynchronous Query Processing
1.5. The Fast-Path Interface
1.6. Asynchronous Notification
1.7. Functions Associated with the COPY Command
1.8. Tracing Functions
1.9. Control Functions
1.10. Environment Variables
1.11. Files
1.12. Threading Behavior
1.13. Building Libpq Programs
1.14. Example Programs
2. Large Objects
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Implementation Features
2.3. Interfaces
2.4. Server-side Built-in Functions
2.5. Accessing Large Objects