A LATEX 2e package for pretty-printing formal languages

Copyright © 1995-1998 by Marcin Woli\'nski

Pretprin is a LaTeX 2e package performing WEAVE-like pretty-printing of pieces of computer programs embedded in computer science texts. It is implemented entirely in TeX's macro language.

Currently there are four formatting modules: the module for algorithmic language Pascal, for metamorphosis grammars, for Prolog language (still under development) and a simple module for terms serving as an example of a module definition.

The package itself is available as file Pretprin is free software. Unfortunately it still lacks english documentation. The only available piece in English is a bundle of my TUG'98 slides.

Current release should still be considered ``beta''. The author would be very glad to hear your comments about the package, its functionality or implementation. So if you decide to download it and have any comments please do send me a mail.

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