Association for Colour Free Internet

Hello and welcome to the home page of ACFI. In June 1998 Prof. Zenon Niebylekto of Krzyszki-Poniszki (Northern Poland) found to his great distress that Internet is used by thousands of colour-blind people, who cannot properly access colour encoded information on many Internet sites. Soon a non profit organisation was founded to cure the situation. And now our ultimate goal here in ACFI is to make Internet virtually colour free. We will fight for equal rights of colour-blind people all over the world.

Below you can find our logo in black-and-white and colour and British and American spelling versions. This logo can be used on Colour Free Zone Certified Pages only. You can submit your page for certification to ACFI.

Here are the conditions which a Colour Free Zone Certified Page must fulfil:

  1. Every textual and graphical element must have a specified colour being a shade of grey (or gray). No element should depend with respect to colour on browser default settings. For the purpose of these considerations we use the following definition of grey (and gray): in RGB colour model - a colour with equal amounts of red, green and blue; in HSV model - a colour with zero saturation; in grey (gray) model - any colour.

    Note that some software products use colours with similar but different amounts of red, green and blue to simulate more grey (or gray) levels. Since such shades can be indistinguishable for colour-blind people, we do not find this behaviour Colour-blindly Correct (CC) and so we do not consider such colours grey (nor gray).

  2. If a colour free page is to contain links to non colour free page(s) such links should bear appropriate warnings. However no such warnings are required on a colour free page containing link(s) to a colour free page containing link(s) to non colour free page(s).

    Note that including links to non colour free pages on a colour free page is deprecated and may be forbidden by a future version of these Conditions.

Warning: this page is not colour free!
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