Accepted papers

Yukihiko Funaki, Koji Yokote and Takumi Kongo. The balanced contribution property for equal contributors.

Qingyu Guo, Bo An, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Long Tran-Thanh and Jiarui Gan. Optimal Interdiction on Cooperative Links to Prevent Attackers from Forming Coalitions.

Naoto Hamada, Ryoji Kurata, Suguru Ueda, Takamasa Suzuki and Makoto Yokoo. Strategyproof Matching with Minimum Quotas and Initial Endowments.

Ayumi Igarashi. On the complexity of solutions for transferable utility games on cycle-complete graphs.

Nhan-Tam Nguyen, Anja Rey, Lisa Rey, Jörg Rothe and Lena Schend. Altruistic Hedonic Games.

Nhan-Tam Nguyen and Jörg Rothe. Local Fairness in Hedonic Games via Individual Threshold Coalitions.

Liam O’Dwyer and Arkadii Slinko. Growth of Dimension in Complete Simple Games.

Dominik Peters. Graphical Hedonic Games of Bounded Treewidth.

Andrew Perrault, Joanna Drummond and Fahiem Bacchus. Strategy-Proofness in the Stable Matching Problem with Couples.

Anja Rey and Jörg Rothe. Structural Control in Weighted Voting Games.

Luke Riley, Katie Atkinson, Paul Dunne and Terry Payne. Distributing Coalition Value Calculations to Coalition Members.

Yue Yin, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Bo An and Noam Hazon. Optimally Protecting Elections.

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