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Iriver iFP790 Rockbox port

I work on an Iriver iFP790 Rockbox port. More information is available at



Some work in progress. The patches still require clean up, I put them just in case someone is interested.


I released my ARM code analyser. I was reluctant to release it in the current state, because it is quite messy and buggy. However I do not plan to clean it up in the near future and it still may be useful to some people, so I decided to release it anyway.

Also, new version of Emuriver is available. It corrects some bugs (e.g. slow communication between GDB and the emulator) and adds a simple USB support.


The iFP port has been commited to Rockbox CVS and new versions will be available only there.


Flash disk (read only) and power off support implemented.


Emulator 0.2 is available. It is capable of running Rockbox. Supports IRQs and timers in the basic scope.


ARMan - ARM code analyser (2006-01-27)

Emuriver 20070228 - iFP79x emulator.

Emuriver 0.3a - iFP79x emulator 0.3a (2006-08-19).

Emuriver 0.3 - iFP790 emulator 0.3 (2006-01-27).

Emuriver 0.2 - iFP790 emulator 0.2 (2005-11-24).

Emuriver 0.1 - iFP790 emulator 0.1.

iFP790 Rockbox 0.2 - binary (2005-12-12).

iFP790 Rockbox 0.1 - binary (2005-11-19).

iFP790 Rockbox 0.1 - sources (2005-11-19) (based on rockbox-daily-20051117)

iFP790 Rockbox 0.2 - patch (2005-12-12) (based on rockbox-daily-20051117)

iFP790 Rockbox 0.1 - patch (2005-11-19) (based on rockbox-daily-20051117)