Summer 2003 - Microsoft internship


AIPT reception (a party for J-1 interns)

Here I first met many people from all around the world.


and outside


The volcano (Mt. Helen)

This was our first hike.

The volcano (Mt. Helen). It erupted in 1980's.

The area around the volcano. You can see all the trees that were destroyed in the explosion.

I'm there

Trees in a lake

Bear pass

We are lost


Microsoft company picnic

Volleyball tournament



All in a beautiful scenery


Amusement Park (Enchanted Village & Wild Waves)


The glacier (Mt Rainier)

we drove through some nice looking towns

and bridges

we walked through a big forest with big trees

many small bridges

over nice rivers

some bigger rivers

and even bigger bridges

closer and closer to the glacier

huge rocks

the glacier (behind the fog)


The Seattle Space Needle

the Space Needle

we went up there

and had some nice views on the Seattle downtown


The Boeing Museum

a lot of planes there

and even space capsules

a fighter


Olympic Peninsula

Then we went on a two day hike around the Olympic Peninsula, the north-west corner of the United States.

Mt Townsend - almost there

The peak of Mt Townsend

Some strange animals

The next day we arrived at the ocean

Some people swam

The rocks at the beach got bigger and bigger

The tide started to cut us off

but we continued

eventually we came back - one last look at the ocean

then we moved to a rainforest


Party at Andreea's place

Peter & Andreea preparing food

some Romanian barsh from Andreea

Slovak halushky from Peter

everybody is in

party goes on

Andreea & Kevin preparing for the concert

sharades - Kris





Andreea, Kris and I decided to jump from a plane. A plane took us up to 12,000 ft (4 km), where we jumped off it. One minute later, at 5,000 ft (1.5 km) we opened our parachutes and descended nicely to the ground.

Me and my instructor (we jumped together)

Last preparations on the ground - Andreea in yellow, Tomek tying shoelaces

That's me

That's Andreea

Andreea (left), Tomek (right)

Me and my instructor landing

Andreea and her instructor landing

Andreea safe on the ground


Kris, Andreea, Tomek on the plane



More coming soon...