Przemysław Kiciak

CD The package bstools, version 0.12, is attached to the book Podstawy modelowania krzywych i powierzchni.

The version 0.18 is attached to the book Konstrukcje powierzchni gładko wypełniających wielokątne otwory.

The current version, 0.40, may be downloaded from this page:

compiled: Linux 32-bit(~35.7MB)
compiled: Linux 64-bit(~37MB)

An example of construction of a blending surface with optimized shape in a session of the demonstration program pozwalaj, with comments how to use it


Examples of data prepared with the package are here:


All remarks about errors in this package are welcome, please, use the e-mail.
People willing to take part in the package development or in writing applications are invited.

Project page:

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