Monday, June 11

     8.55-9.00   Opening remarks
     9.00-9.50   Stanisław J. Szarek, Entanglement thresholds for high-dimensional random quantum states
10.00-10.25    Paul Müller, Vector valued Rearrangement Operators: Extrapolation Properties
10.30-10.55    Paweł Domański, Taylor coefficient multipliers for real analytic functions
11.00-11.30    Coffee break
11.30-11.55    Mateusz Kwaśnicki, Boundary Harnack inequality for non-local operators
12.00-12.25    Ron Blei, Integral representations of bilinear functionals on a Hilbert space
15.00-15.50    Gideon Schechtman, A quantitative version of the commutator theorem for zero trace matrices
16.00-16.25    Marek Bożejko, The Khinchine inequality and Riesz product on Coxeter groups
16.30-17.00    Coffee break
17.00-17.25    Wojbor Woyczyński, Nonlocal superprocesses in evolutionary ecology
17.30-17.55    Ryszard Rudnicki, Piece-wise deterministic processes in biological models
18.00-18.15    Nikita Rastegaev, On the asymptotics of integrals related to the generalized Cantor ladder
Tuesday, June 12
     9.00-9.50   Michel Ledoux, Chaos of a Markov operator and the fourth moment condition
10.00-10.50   Jan Rosiński, Independence, asymptotic independence, and the resulting limit laws of multiple stochastic integrals
11.00-11.30    Coffee break
11.30-11.55    Adam Jakubowski, A pinch of functional analysis on the Skorokhod space
12.00-12.25    Rémi Léandre, Positivity theorem for Poisson Process in Semi-group theory
15.00-15.50    Rodrigo Bañuelos, Sharp martingale inequalities and applications to Fourier  multipliers, an overview
16.00-16.25    Mieczysław Mastyło, Interpolation of bilinear operators
16.30-17.00    Coffee break
17.00-17.25    Uwe Einmahl, Cluster sets for general partial sum processes in Euclidean space
17.30-17.55    Michael Marcus, Permanental Fields
18.00-18.25    Stefan Geiss, Backward stochastic differential equations and Stochastic Analysis

Wednesday, June 13

     9.00-9.50   Hermann König, Khintchine type Inequalities and Cube Slicing
10.00-10.25    Michał Wojciechowski, On the isomorphic type of spaces of smooth functions
10.30-11.00    Coffee break
11.00-11.50    Gilles Pisier, Unconditionality of Martingale Differences (UMD) for Banach and Operator Spaces
12.00-12.25    Mark Veraar, Decoupling inequalities and one-sided versions of the UMD property

Thursday, June 14
     9.00-9.50   Alain Pajor, Weak and strong moments estimates for convex measures
10.00-10.50    Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann, Recent  results on the log-concave Ensemble
11.00-11.30    Coffee break
11.30-11.55    Elisabeth Werner, Functional affine-isoperimetry and an inverse logarithmic Sobolev inequality
12.00-12.25   Alexander Nazarov, Convolutions of slowly varying functions and small deviations of Gaussian fields
15.00-15.50    Christer Borell, Sum-sets and exit times for Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes
16.00-16.25    Jørgen Hoffmann-Jørgensen, Slepian's inequality and the supermodular ordering
16.30-17.00    Coffee break
17.00-17.25    Vaja Tarieladze, U-canonical Gaussian measures
17.30-              Wiesław Żelazko, A short history of Polish mathematics
                         Conference dinner

Friday, June 15
  9.30-10.20    Bill Johnson, Approximation properties of a Banach space and its subspaces
10.30-10.55    Henryk Woźniakowski, Tractability of Multi-parametric Euler and Wiener Integrated Processes
11.00-11.30    Coffee break
11.30-11.55    Adam Paszkiewicz, Orthogonal projections in Hilbert space
12.00-12.15   Jakub Olejnik, Convergence theorems for general orthogonal series
12.20-12.35   Alexey Khartov, Approximation in probability of tensor product-type random fields of increasing parametric dimension
14.30-14.55    Katarzyna Pietruska-Pałuba, Inequalities of Hardy and Gagliardo-Nirenberg type for Gaussian measures
15.00-15.25    Markus Riedle, Stochastic integration with respect to cylindrical Lévy processes in Hilbert spaces
15.30-16.00    Coffee break
16.00-16.15    Krzysztof Zajkowski, Cramér transform and relative entropy
16.20-16.35    Michał Goliński, Operators without invariant subspaces on some well-known Fréchet spaces