Asymptotic decomposition methods


geometry, dynamics and operator algebras


The workshop will take place at the University of Southampton, 27-31 March 2017.

It is a satellite workshop of the Isaac Newton Institute program

Non-Positive Curvature Group Actions and Cohomology

Arthur Bartels (Universität Münster)

Yves Benoist (Paris Sud - Orsay)

Indira Chatterji (Université de Nice)

Michael Farber (Queen Mary University of London)

Mark Hagen (Cambridge University)

David Hume (Oxford University)

Daniel Kasprowski (Universität Bonn)

Kang Li (Universität Münster)

Pierre Pansu (Paris Sud - Orsay)

David Rosenthal (St. John’s University)

Damian Sawicki (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Karen Strung (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Gábor Szabó (University of Aberdeen)

Romain Tessera (Paris Sud - Orsay)

Rufus Willett (University of Hawaii)

Nick Wright (University of Southampton)

Joachim Zacharias (University of Glasgow)

Jiawen Zhang (University of Southampton)

Registration: We would appreciate it if those who plan to participate in the meeting send us a brief email indicating this fact and the dates of attendance. This will help us with the preparations for the meeting.

Organizers: Erik Guentner, Graham Niblo, Piotr Nowak


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