Understanding Computers' Intelligence.

Celebrating the 100th Volume of Fundamenta Informaticae

in Honour of Helena Rasiowa

A special session of the Polish Association for Logic and Philosophy of Science

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics, University of Warsaw
2, Banach street

Saturday, 9 October, room 4420

since 11:30, tea and coffee

12:00--12:50, Johan van Benthem (Univ. Amsterdam & Stanford)
Logic in games: a tour at the interface ( summary, handout)

12:50--13:40, Ewa Orlowska (NIT Warsaw)
Dual Tableaux - Rasiowa/Sikorski systems

13:50--14:30, Lukasz Kaiser (CNRS Paris)
Decomposition theorems in logic

14:30--15:00, Andrzej Skowron & Damian Niwinski (Univ. Warsaw)
Presentation of the journal

Reminiscences and discussion

15:00--16:00, Reception in the faculty club (room 4770)